About Makeupbee

What is Makeupbee?

Makeupbee was created to celebrate makeup artistry, it is the community for sharing looks and discovering beauty products. Get inspired from looks created by makeup enthusiasts just like you and learn how to recreate them. Read reviews and recommendations from your favorite fellow makeup lovers around the world.

How does it work?

  1. You upload photos of your looks, and browse looks created by other makeup lovers.
  2. “Like” the looks created by others that inspire you, find out what products they used and how they created the look.
  3. Browse products and reviews by fellow makeup lovers

What can I use it for?

  • Show the world your makeup artistry.
  • Promote yourself if yourself and your blog, your youtube channel, your website if you are a freelance makeup artist, etc
  • Be inspired by original creativity around the world
  • Learn about and read reviews new products, share your favorite products how to sign up?

What is a QueenMakeupbee?

Among our amazing community of makeup lovers, unique members will be crowned QueenMakeupbees. It is one of the ways we give back to our awesome members by featuring their work and increasing their profile.

Some of the benefits of being a QueenMakeupbee:

  1. MakeupBee will feature their blog on our Facebook and Twitter pages by sending out a link to all of our fans and followers.
  2. Opportunities to receive deluxe cosmetic samples from us to review on MakeupBee
  3. Opportunities to participate in collaborations we may have with various Brands.
  4. We are developing our site to feature our QueenMakeupbee’s blog

How do we choose our QueenMakeupbees?

We choose our QueenMakeupbees based on a combination of looks and community involvement:

  1. Number of makeup/nail looks you have posted on MakeupBee
  2. How complete the looks are:
    1. Products tagged
    2. Type of look tagged
    3. Blog tutorial or Video tutorial Videos attached to the looks
  3. Number of followers you currently have on MakeupBee
  4. How many likes and comments your looks receive from our Makeupbee community. Are any of your looks among the Top Looks?

Why do we have QueenMakeupbees?

  1. One of our goals at MakeupBee is to help Makeup lovers get discovered and connect with other individuals around the world that are interested in makeup. We believe this is one of the ways to achieve that.
  2. We would like to get to know you more and what your favorite beauty tricks/products are
  3. We want our users to help our Makeupbee “Hive” grow.
    • Maintaining continuous high quality makeup looks on Makeupbee will help attract more members to the hive.
    • More users in the Makeupbee community means more traffic to your Blog!